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The Nashim Dress

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We have teamed up with Mikah Fashion to create this stunning dress in their new Kintsugi line.

Kintsugi is the concept of taking broken pottery and putting the pieces back together with gold or other precious metals, creating a more beautiful piece than before it was broken.

This line was created to show women should be proud to wear their scars, as they are what make us beautiful.

It is our mission at Nashim Magazine to “normalize” a woman’s struggles—to know that you are not alone, and that your story has a place it can safely be shared. we are here to support you and give you a platform for your voice.

And so, Mikah has designed this limited edition Nashim Dress, with its pink cracks, for our courageous readers to show the world their inner beauty.

Your purchase will help support Nashim Magazine, so it can continue to be a place for women to share and grow together.

Welcome to the Nashim family!


On Sale for Black Friday! + Get free shipping when you get both the dress and T-shirt

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