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Through Holocaust-Colored Glasses

This is tough. Now is hard. We have been stuck at...

Lonely, But Not Alone

Never was it ever a thought For my family to be distant from me

Using the Mikvah During Covid-19

At every step of my life these days, I am interrogated, and I feel like I'm putting...

Life Doesn’t Rhyme

What day, what country,       What planet, what time Thoughts are all...

When a Candle Turns to Ash: Life After Teshuva

It’s erev Shabbos, and I linger till the last possible minute. I wait for the sun to actually...

Silence and Melted Crayons

Melted crayons drip off a crinkled radiator spilling rainbow’s residue on a waxed floor

In The Spotlight

In the Spotlight…with Ilana Kendal/”Choosing Up”

When you meet Ilana Kendal, you can tell immediately that you had better take notes, as she is clearly someone with true wisdom...