Makeup Rules—Fact or Fiction?

Photo by Rina Deutsch

I don’t know why this is the case, but whenever I hear someone say “rules”, my next thought is, “…are made to be broken.” Right? Is it just me, or do you feel the same way?

You’d think that in the makeup industry, it would be all fun and games. But believe it or not, although it’s an enjoyable and glamorous industry, there are actually a lot of acknowledged makeup rules. However, some of these are fact, and some are only fiction. Let’s look at a few of these well-known makeup rules and discuss whether they are fact or fiction:

  • Always match your lipstick to your liner.

FICTION! Matching your lipstick to your liner is something many of us do, but not necessarily a must. Applying a darker liner to your lips to achieve that contoured or ombre look can be beautiful as well! That extra pop of definition or contouring can really enhance your lips and add the definition and tone you’re going for.

  • Never wear bold lipstick and bold eyeshadow.

FICTION, but there’s definitely some FACT to this, too. Keep in mind that although fashion magazines can pull off these dramatic looks (and pretty much anything) really well, on a regular day—or even if you are heading to an evening event—you probably want to stick with accentuating only one feature. Technique is critical here though, so if you’d like smoky eyes with a bold red lip, go for it. Sometimes, it’s just about trial and error to see what looks great…and what looks like you’re about to perform in a theater.

  • Never apply liquid on top of powder.

FICTION! For the most part, you want to avoid applying liquid on top of powder to prevent bumpy texture, but sometimes it’s necessary to add a small amount of liquid foundation or concealer over imperfections, even after powder has been applied. Be careful to only apply it lightly though, in order to avoid that uneven texture.

  • If you wear liquid foundation, you must seal it in with a powder.

FICTION! Not all liquid foundations have to be sealed in with a powder, and sometimes, we want that super dewy, moist look, so skipping the powder step is totally fine! There are other ways to make sure your foundation lasts, like spraying it with a makeup setting spray or applying a great primer before your foundation.

  • Don’t apply mascara to the lower lash line.

FICTION! Of course you can apply mascara to your lower lash line! I do every day! Applying mascara to your lower lash line can help open up and make your eyes look bigger. Just be sure that it looks natural and doesn’t clump your lashes together. An easy way to do this is to take a tissue and place it below your lash line while applying your mascara, so the extra product gets caught in the tissue, instead of your lashes.

  • Red lipstick is not for everyone.

UM NO, FICTION! Anyone can wear red lipstick! You just have to find the right shade which works with your skin tone and undertones! If you’re one of those beauties who have been struggling to find the right red for your skin tone, ask for help from a professional.

 There’s always a shade for everyone!