In The Spotlight…with Chaya Juravel/Go4Harmony

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As Nashim readers know, it is difficult to be a woman in today’s world. We are expected to juggle multiple balls without dropping even one. As natural perfectionists, we tend to beat ourselves up when something slips out of our control, causing us serious stress, and in turn, affecting the climate in our households. You know the saying, “When Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”? I think we can all agree that it takes a lot of self-reflection and work to make sure our own anxiety doesn’t spill over into our family life.

Chaya Juravel of Go4Harmony coaches women (and couples) on how to do just that. Early on in her own marriage, Chaya trained and was certified as a Laura Doyle marriage coach, after seeing some of the Doyle strategies she implemented have a positive effect in her life and relationship. But after a few years, she realized that although the Doyle approach was a good starting point, she needed to build a more flexible and applicable toolbox for the Orthodox Jewish woman. Thus, Go4Harmony was born.

Chaya works with couples, women alone, and kallahs, helping them learn to develop healthier mindsets and the skills they need to navigate all their relationships, but primarily their marriages. She focuses on the “now”, helping women to see that in this world of impossible expectations, there is no such thing as a “normal” relationship—or an “ideal” or “perfect” life, for that matter—only one where a couple can learn to bring out the best in each other, while simultaneously getting their own needs met. Her goal is to help foster growth within oneself, in order to build self-esteem, which will radiate positivity in one’s home and improve one’s relationships with others. She stresses that a prerequisite for healthy relationships is feeling good about oneself. If a woman takes care to make sure she is nurturing herself emotionally, and she is confident and happy, she will not be constantly giving off negative energy to those around her, and she will be able to foster an environment of love and growth. Her slogan is to “Go4Harmony within yourself and in your home”. If we become better versions of ourselves, then those around us will respond accordingly.

Although Chaya works with women in all stages of their lives and marriages, the rabbanim in Lakewood have started an organization called “B’Yachad” to promote her services helping struggling couples who are heading for divorce. In her private coaching, she works with a whole range of issues, including anxiety, parenting, and intimacy, and she provides the support in whatever an individual woman or couple might need.

Chaya coaches one-on-one by phone, but she also gives 12-14 class teleconferences, where women can join anonymously to learn about navigating general challenges and dynamics in a marriage. When someone signs up for her teleconference, they also have access to a biweekly Q&A, as well as the option to join an anonymous group-chat support group. The support network itself is an invaluable tool. Many of the women Chaya works with have stayed with her in these classes for years, constantly striving to improve their lives and their marriages.


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