Lena’s Wigs


Sheitels! The number one thing we, as frum women, save our “extra” money for.

But what if there isn’t really a lot of extra money in your budget? Where do you turn? To Lena, of course!

As her tagline states: Spend less, look amazing.

And it is true! Lena sells high-end discounted wigs, as well as pre-owned wigs, making looking good affordable to everyone.

I have bought so many sheitels from Lena over the years that I have lost count! She has such wide variety of styles and colors that even someone like me, who can’t figure out which color she wants to settle on, can find something that makes her happy. (Check out the pictures—I have tried all kinds of fun styles from Lena’s for our photo shoots!)

Lena cuts and styles the wigs too—and she is super honest and knowledgeable about what makes a woman look good. It takes her about two seconds after you walk into her salon to point you in the right direction! And if you are unsure about your cut, she will make sure that you are comfortable with the plan before you even start. (For tips on sheitel-cuts, see her article here.)

Lena’s Wigs are not only available locally in Baltimore, MD, they are also shipped for free within the US through her website, https://www.lenaswigs.com. (Check out her website for walk-in hours as well.) You can also follow Lena on Instagram or on Facebook.

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Photos by Yehudis Taffel

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