I cannot say enough good things about this new line of hat/beanie falls, developed by Esther Widroff, a military wife completely disillusioned by what was available out there. After trying on many different types of falls, Esther realized she couldn’t find what she really wanted: a versatile and high quality fall with a comfortable band—and one that didn’t cost a small fortune. So, she made one herself!

Using a very flexible, non-slip band that wouldn’t get permanently stretched out of shape or cause migraines for those who are sensitive to regular wigs, Esther began to sew in the 100% top-quality human hair that she ordered from a Brazilian hair distributor. She experimented with different tones and highlights, and got so many compliments that her friends started asking her to create and sell them bandfalls as well.

Within one week of officially opening the Incredifall company, all of Esther’s inventory was sold out! And with good reason—not only was the hair top quality, and the no-show band super comfortable, the price was (and still is!) unreal—only $199.99 for the solid color falls and $249.99 for highlighted falls (and redheads)! Yes, you read that right! Esther’s mission is to make hair covering an easy mitzvah to keep, as her tagline states: Life is complicated. Covering your hair doesn’t need to be.

Incredifalls are extremely affordable to enable anyone to buy them, without compromising quality.

Esther takes the time to make sure the colors are customized exactly how her customers want—she had me send pictures of my sheitels so she could order the properly colored hair for my Incredifall. I was shocked how perfectly she matched the color! She stayed in touch every step of the way, even sending me a picture of my shipping label so I could be suitably excited anticipating its arrival. Her customer service is unbeatable.

I absolutely adore my Incredifall—I’ve worn it basically every time I’ve left the house since I got it! I love how the hair doesn’t get tangled and it is simple to care for. As a busy mom, it is hard to get “all made up” every time I leave the house. Incredifall makes it so easy to look properly put together with minimal effort—if only all of my beauty regimen was like that!

I am definitely not the only one in love with her new sheitel—check out Incredifall’s Instagram page, and you will find a whole bunch of selfies from satisfied customers. To order, DM Incredifall, or email Happy shopping!

Note: Although Rochel was given free product to review, all opinions are her own.

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Photos by Yehudis Taffel