Exit Strategy


In my carefully decorated kitchen

I place a coffee mug in the top dishwasher rack.


clay shattering on the stone floor

pieces rebounding from sudden impact

hailing from three directions.

triangle shards

long slivers

grotesquely angled pieces

lie across my square space.

Pierced by possibilities

life irreparable

suddenly splintered into a thousand

sharp pieces,

I walk out

through the dining room

and shut the door,

abandoning the mess to the cleaning lady.

I tend my garden under the sun

pierced by the impossibility of

simply shutting the door

on tragedy.

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Rebbetzin Faigie Horowitz is a veteran non-profit management professional whose professional roles have spanned local, citywide, and national organizations. She also serves as lay leadership on boards of Jewish social services groups. She currently works in health care marketing and is freelance writer for several publications. She holds a Masters in Management and is an active rebbetzin in her community of Lawrence, NY.