The Carpool Migraine

Selfie by Adina Moskowitz

When thoughts of carpool enter my mind, I feel you creeping up my spine

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday—

Which will be my day?

Or will I do mornings, half-days, or will I do the snow day, you say?

Please pass me the Tylenol and water if you may

Five point harness, purple car seat and absolutely no rubbish by her feet?

Yes, I will make sure that the music we play has a soft beat

And only Uncle Moishy, Country Yossi when she has a smile on

With Shwekey, Lipa and Simcha Leiner when we see her frown

You got it! Please excuse me, I must go to lie down now…

What’s that you say? My son breathed in the wrong direction?

I’m so terribly sorry for the infraction (New Yorkers, please stop laughin’—we need only your compassion!)

So, fellow carpool migraine sufferers—a word from the wise

When it seems like the carpool mothers seek your demise

It’s really not the case

But I do advise that you just respond yes to everything they say

If you want your headaches to go away

And then carpool migraines will be a relic of the past

Sorry, I must be 30 minutes early for pick-up, I need to go FAST!