My Best Friends


Welcome back my friend Sorrow

how I’ve missed the way you hug my body tightly and never let go.

Pleasure to see you Worry

my mind has felt empty without your constant conversation.

So glad you’re back, Pain

I have felt confused without your consistent reminders.

And greetings to you Sadness

it’s been lonely without your ubiquitous shadow.

I am so lucky to have you, my best friends,

I can always count on you to return

unlike my old friend Hope

who always leaves when I need her most.

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Rachel Cohen is a firm believer that sharing her life experiences and struggles will help others change their lives. Special ed teacher by day and writer by night, Rachel is dedicated to making other women feel less alone through her poetry, blogs, and magazine articles. Rachel is also a proud advocate for women with endometriosis, by arming them with the accurate information necessary to take control of their own disease and get the proper medical care they deserve. She lives with her husband and two children in New York. Rachel can be reached at