Lonely, But Not Alone

Art by Bracha Lavee

Never was it ever a thought

For my family to be distant from me

Confused, troubled, anxious, worried

How would I manage on my own?

Seder Plate, Haggadah, Shiurim of what to eat

Singing, eating, reading, thinking

What would I be able to accomplish?

Thanks to the power of positive thinking

It all happened with Hashem at my side.  

Table nicely set, clothing appropriately donned

Saying what needed to be said, thinking the right thoughts

Soon it was over and done, Eliyahu’s cup staring at me

Waiting for the next round with less fear in my heart

Hoping I do not ever have to go on this path again

L’Shana Haba B”Yerushalayim Amen

SOURCEArt by Bracha Lavee
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Effie Mayerfeld is the ultimate embodiment of a Jewish Matriarch. With a plethora of family (6 children, 28 grandchildren, great grandchildren and tons of in-laws) spread over several continents, Effie makes family and simchos her #1 priority. Effie has always traveled to see her family at any excuse possible. Having lived in the rural area of Norma, New Jersey for most of her life, she has become accustomed to traveling for every occasion, birthday, Chumash play, simcha, and of course, weddings. Now that she lives in Far Rockaway, a short 15 minute drive takes her to JFK, and from there to visit her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren all across the world. Whether it be a short trip to Philly or Baltimore, jumping on a plane to Detroit, hopping the pond to England or extended travels to Israel, Effie has always made it a priority to spend time with those she loves most—her family.


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