Vita Vocal Super Defense


Looking for a way to boost your immune system? Want to nip that cold in the bud?

Vita Vocal Health has developed the perfect defense for your body!

Well-researched and formulated with numerous natural ingredients known to fight off viruses and infections, including zinc, ginger root, thyme leaf, Echinacea, garlic, olive leaf and horseradish root, Super Defense Immune Booster will become your new first line of defense! These immune-boosting capsules are the perfect proprietary blend to promote year-round general health, and keep colds at bay throughout the cold season. Taken at the first sign of symptoms, it may stop a cold in its tracks. Many happy customers, including cantors and singers, have testified that Super Defense Immune Booster not only shortened the length of their cold, but also kept them protected for the rest of cold season.

Super Defense Immune Booster is packed with high quality herbs which strengthen your immune system, and it may also help loosen phlegm and clean out your respiratory system, promoting lung health. 

Super Defense Immune Booster capsules are made in the USA, gluten-free, vegetarian and certified kosher Parve by both the OU and the CRC.

Don’t wait until the next cold hits! A strong immune system = a Super Defense!

Order your bottle today! Visit

Super Defense Immune Booster is also available in your local pharmacies and health food stores.

For wholesale accounts, call 718-514-0773.

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