Kaleidoscope Purim


Join me, shall we,

In a Pur-ommmmm meditation

Bringing down yet greater strength

To P:ur-i’m (you are, I am)

A joyous celebration

Poor-im, poor him

Yes, cliché, but the good guy wins

Pour-’em (on Purim)

L’Chaim! To Jerusalem

(may we all spin)

Purr-him, purring

The enemy in gloves kidskin

Know the Amalek of your generation

Be proud and staunch

You’re the Jewish Nation

Power-Him, Him of all hims

Our mighty King

King of all kings

Loves His children

Through thick and thin

Praise Him, thank Him

Every good deed, evil’s tailspin

Pur-aim, praise His name

You’re a Jew, in this no shame

Know your soul, ’tis G-dly

Aim for spirituality

Pur-a.m., Pur-p.m.

At any time of day

You can tap ’em,

Sparks of holiness

Let’s elevate, uplift

Open your eyes to these

Purim Gifts

Class dismissed

…but there’s homework, kids

You know what it is

Unwrap and use your Purim Gifts!

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Chana Perman holds an M.S. in Special Education. Her innovative poems, essays and lectures reflect two and a half decades of experience working with students of all ages and abilities. Although Chana's "heart is in the East", she currently lives with her family in Toronto.