Birkas Kohanim


I wrote this poem in 2009, when my son was a soldier, guarding the Kotel.


You stand at your guard-post

Watching early sunrise.

Mists wafting off the Kotel

Captivate your blue eyes.

Your beautiful eyes

Those bottomless orbs,

That contain so much wisdom

Oh! If they would only absorb…

If only…I think and I wish and I hope

If only…I daven…these thoughts help me cope.

If only…my son will be close to the wall…

When thousands of Kohanim Hashem’s name will call.

When those myriad talleisim

Holy faces will cover,

Where will my son be?

Will those prayers reach over?

My son, at that time

Will you comprehend

That  “yevarecheca, veyishmerecha”

Includes you as well?

For you are a part,

An integral part, sure

Of the heilige klal yisroel

Created just as pure.

You may have been wandering

Unsure where you stand

But know one thing my son,

G-d always understands.

And He sends you this blessing

And is letting you know

That you are no less beloved

By Him. This I know.

Though removed from the crowds you stand

High up in your booth

May the prayers you hear

Bring you back to the truth.

One day very soon,

Mists will rise, mists will rise

And a lone figure standing

At Kotel will sigh.

It will be you, my son,

Of this I am sure.

For the blessings will reach you

You will feel secure.

You will feel ready

Your guardpost to leave

A siddur to lift up

You will begin to believe.

May all of our children

So lost, so misplaced

Come back to us soon,

So that them we’ll embrace.

May they take that first step,

May they walk to the wall.

May we be there to help them

May they hear the Kohanim’s call.