In the Spotlight…with Leslie Selevan and Rebecca Shapiro/Bite Size Torah


What happens when two uber-talented and dynamic ladies join forces to bring Torah to the modern-day world? A beautiful masterpiece, full of inspiration in “bite size” pieces—perfect for our hectic lifestyles—is born.

“Bite Size Torah for Your Shabbat Table” is a unique look into the weekly parsha, inspired by the shiurim of Rabbi Shalom Rosner. Rebbetzin Leslie Selevan, a popular teacher, speaker, and scholar-in-residence at various programs, had been listening to Rabbi Rosner’s shiurim for almost a decade, calling them her daily dose of therapy. Feeling inspired to spread his insights even further, and knowing so many could benefit from the practical applications of these concepts, Rebbetzin Selevan set out to compile his teachings, along with her own perceptive adaptations, and share them with the world.

She brought on creative whiz, Rebecca Shapiro, who tirelessly took the raw material, and together with her son, Moshe Tzvi, turned this labor of love into a volume full of short-but-sweet and very relevant messages which their readers could easily “digest”. Publishing the book through Project Proactive, of which Rebecca is co-founder, they are helping to support the mission to destigmatize mental illness and encourage proactive wellness. This book is unique in its lessons for both the mind and soul, which encourage us to be our best and most healthy selves in every way. It is a practical self-help manual to encourage us to fully explore our sense of self and wellbeing. It is encouragement for a more healthy mindset and lifestyle—something we are generally sorely lacking in this fast-paced and material-driven world. These women are truly trailblazing with the work they are doing, spreading lessons that we can all apply, and encouraging us to make sure that we are living our best lives. The world is changing, and they have proven that the teachings of our Torah are just as relevant nowadays as they have always been.

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