For me, wearing headbands over my fall is always a hit or miss, as I often get headaches when I wear them all day. Babybandini headbands are most definitely a hit!

Babybandini accesories are clearly well-thought out and are of the highest quality. I could see that the minute I opened my bag. The headbands I tried on were not only gorgeous, but very comfortable, not too tight, and wide enough for me to feel like I wouldn’t have to worry about sheitel “slippage”.

And of course, my favorite part of wearing these headbands were the fact that they were part of a matching set—so I could wear them with my daughter! The baby headbands also have the added plus of being adjustable—and the adjustable knot actually becomes part of the style. So cute!

We also received a personalized denim kippah for my 3 year old son, which he immediately loved and refused to take off. This was a major plus in my book, since he usually insists on wearing hats, as opposed to yarmulkes.

I love the variety of colors in the women’s line and the adorable kids’ and baby designs, including hair clips, baby blankets, hats, wedding wreaths, suspenders and bow ties. Every piece is hand-sewn (except the kippahs, which are still custom designed) and waiting for you to order. So, go check out their website, here!

Note: Although Rochel was given free product to review, all opinions are her own.

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Photos by Yehudis Taffel

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