Rose- A Poem About Sexual Abuse


A fledgling rose emerges tentatively from the thawing ground

catching a glimpse of her reflection in a nearby riverbed.

She becomes luminescent, haughty as she drinks in

the beauty emanating from her every pore.

The innocent purity that is imbued in her every fiber

draws the attention of others close by

unfurling within them a plague of

longing and desire too mighty to suppress.

But a veil of blissful ignorance

blinds the rose from the horrors that surround.

Thoroughly engaged in childish whimsy

she fails to notice the wolf nearby

his teeth bared and eyes gleaming

as they survey the opportunity presented.

Catching the rose in utter surprise,

he tears her velvety petals one by one

dropping them coldly and viciously on the unforgiving earth.

And there remains a once vibrantly red flower

suddenly translucent,

lying in a puddle of her bleeding scarlet hues.

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Rachel Cohen is a firm believer that sharing her life experiences and struggles will help others change their lives. Special ed teacher by day and writer by night, Rachel is dedicated to making other women feel less alone through her poetry, blogs, and magazine articles. Rachel is also a proud advocate for women with endometriosis, by arming them with the accurate information necessary to take control of their own disease and get the proper medical care they deserve. She lives with her husband and two children in New York. Rachel can be reached at