How can you sit there reading

In this chaos

One might ask

To which I would respond

You kidding?

I’m #winning at this task

Today was “for the books”

A disaster

Laid, set: waiting

Four children home with mommy

Outside freezing

And it’s raining.

I myself have a cold and strep

3 of the kids

Have this too

Husband out all day working

I thought

‘How will I possibly pull through?!’

Two pre-teens and two toddlers

One small space,

A lot of snot

A recipe for happy memories

This certainly

Was not

Back to the picture for a second

See the toys

And some food?

These are testimonials of victory:

My serene


You can’t quite see it in the photo –

‘Neith the table: Blueberries

Have spilled

But all four kids are still alive

So I’m thinking

‘Hey, I’m chilled’

And sure some noodles are on the floor

(Easier to clean

Once they harden)

I’ll dub my decorative look here

‘My awards for parenting-wins


I did not raise my voice once

(Ok, thank you,


But the point is I avoided

A lot of


Sometimes you take a challenge

And push to your

Greatest heights

And some days you gotta take the win

At ‘no blood was drawn

In fights’

Today should have been unbearable

And while I can’t say

That we’re thriving

I’m proud, I’m calm, so you should be too

If all your doin’

Is surviving