Raising a family with a mix of ages,

Means simultaneously experiencing different stages.

It’s like riding a roller coaster whilst on a treadmill,

It’s exhilarating, dramatic and kind of a thrill.

Floating at times, amused with pleasure,

Hot and dizzy as we are engaged with our treasure.

Spinning through days, prioritizing our choices,

Keeping our emphasis among 

A blend of voices.

It’s a blessing, our wish, a choice, our gift,

A dream, an honor, our focus in shift.

We’ve learnt to be diligent, to balance, multitask and create,

Relax, teach independence and our values state.

A home enriched by constant action,

Teaching, partnering, brood interaction.

We are concurrently old and young at once,

From transition and position we constantly bounce.

Our lives are blessed by family mingling,

Love expressed sibling to sibling.