My son is ecstatic; he’s beaming, eyes shining,

He’s mastered the technique to gracefully swinging.

He’s learnt to push himself, carefully kicking,

Keeping focused, he’s smiling and singing.

Tall trees swaying, a sight magnificent,

The vast blue sky above, infinite, brilliant.

Dear child, in life as you travel your path,

There will be highs and lows, peaks and troughs.

Twists and turns, loss and gain,

Highlights, opportunities, challenges and unfortunately, pain. 

One may descend to ascend, fall to rise,

Experience success and elevations, yet there will be times of cries.

Yet just like the swinging, one must push oneself to soar,

Reach above the obstacles, 

Pushing more and more.

Keep a strong drive, exert yourself and hold the perfect stance,

With blessings, strength and vigor, you’ll accomplish and advance.