Packing, a chore that creates powerful emotions,
A combination of stress, determination and motions.
At times it involves dreams, circled in happiness,
Yet it can be daunting, overwhelming, strange and full of sadness.
Packing for camp involves much needed sensitivity,
I envisioned the work load which had now become reality.
Parenting a teen or preteen is no novelty,
Yet preparing them for camp is different entirely.
For a process of weeks we go into major preparation,
Shopping and laundering for this intense separation.
Do we have enough outfits, are they practical and fine?
Will our friends think they’re cool, do they fit in perfect line?
Do we look our age? Do they show our stage?
Are you you sure they all match? Are the colors in touch?
As we prep our kids for a positive encounter,
Sharing suggestions, our actions speak louder.
As we give them the confidence through our love and support,
A pride in themselves is a skill we have taught.
A month of growth, excitement and fun,
An educational experience, our child on the run.
As we hug them goodbye, there’s so much we want to impart,
Yet no words are enough for the emotions in our heart.