In the Rain


Today I played with my child in the rain.

We changed our clothes to old clothes, and our shoes to water shoes, and our mindsets, to prevent against too many corrections.

And we left the secure, dry world of roofs, closed doors, “Be careful!”

And we ran, and we splashed, and we let the rain come.

When you are outside in the rain on a warm, drizzly day

—When you Choose to be in the rain—

The mist feels pleasantly light, and each puddle is a find, and the joy is taken out

and easily passed around.

And when you are outside in a downpour

—When you Choose to be outside—

All you feel is wet Wet WET!

It’s running down your back, and squishing under your bare feet

(it feels better that way)

And slapping against your legs

And each individual drop makes no difference, but joins the throng

as it slams down, hard, on your head

Drumming, throbbing;

It’s so loud that you shout to your child, your friend, to be heard

And now every step is a squish, splosh, run, jump, splash!

And every inch of you tingles, alive with the joy of being

carefree- Childhood is in your grasp once again…

…Until- “Can you get towels?  Watch the mud, keep it on the mat—wet shoes stay by the door!

Try not to drip all over the floor—change quickly, it’s cold in here… Bedtime!”

Ahh, under the roof again—contained, restrained, responsible.

Rain Rain, go your way, but please come back another day—this old Mommy wants to play…

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Yael Friedman is a social worker, teacher, occasional lecturer, would-be writer, spontaneous dancer, singer/songwriter hopeful, who also likes making crafts out of cardboard. Most importantly, she is a wife, mother, and community member, trying to keep sane while navigating through her different roles and goals in life. She lives in Baltimore.