Have you ever tried flying with a handful of kids?
Packages, carry-ons, strollers & bibs.
An assortment of accessories, treats & gadgets,
Tissues, markers, notepads & blankets.
Have you ever felt cramped in a crowded plane?
Traveled with companions who weren’t exactly tame?
Have you tried to walk quietly in single file
To a seat way behind, hopefully at an aisle?
Were your travel mates smiley or gruff & sour?
Did you ever experience a drink that caused a shower?
What about a baby in need of a change?
Did you consider it simple at the infant stage?
Well, before I traveled, I felt all passengers were a team,
Yet once on the flight, I realize that’s a far off dream.
Any sound we create is being observed in a way,
Each meal, interaction or relationship as we play.
We clearly look Jewish where each move makes a statement,
We are not just an individual family but are judged by each movement.
We make a conscious decision to try to do our part,
In creating a positive atmosphere right from the start.
So as the plane touches down & my kids jump up, ready to embark,
As their neighbors compliment them, I know we’ve left a mark.
It’s not my own satisfaction or personal pride,
But rather, that as a nameless Jewish family, G-d’s name was honored on this ride.