Eliana Fine (Feld)

Eliana Fine (Feld) is originally from Cleveland, OH, and now lives in West Hempstead, NY. She is a medical student at Stony Brook (Renaissance) School of Medicine. She attended Yavne High School of The Hebrew Academy of Cleveland and graduated in 2013. After high school, she spent a year studying in Israel in Bnos Chava Seminary, and then got married in the summer of 2014. And, no, she and her husband did NOT know each other beforehand—they DID shidduch date! She started Stern College for Women in the Spring of 2014, and graduated with a BA in Biology in the fall of 2018. She took the MCAT in March 2017, had an adorable baby boy in April 2017, applied to medical school in June 2017, got into medical school October 2017, and started medical school August 2018! If she had a secret life besides for going to med school, she would totally be a party planner!