Silence and Melted Crayons

Photo by Dina Brookmyer

Melted crayons drip off a crinkled radiator

spilling rainbow’s residue on a waxed floor

Rotary dial spinning in dazzling pirouettes

but silence bounces off the shadows on the walls

Static radio choked in a futile attempt at resuscitation

by inexperienced chubby hands, groping a broken knob

Yesterday’s takeout still rests on a disabled table

that shakes with fervor

Outside the moon beats, the sun at hide and seek

and metal trash cans roll in darkening alleyways

Street lamps flicker and lose their breath trying

Whimpering cats sing a goodnight lullaby

to the children who don’t let themselves be heard

She presses a button-nose to a fingerprinted glass

that overlooks hollow roads

She hears no footsteps and sees no silhouettes

Mama has forgotten about her again

She breaks a cylinder jar filled with copper pennies

and stomps on jagged shards

She twirls on melted crayons and hits the ground

Anything, anything to take away the silence


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