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This month’s Spotlight, Rivka Malka Perlman, the creator of Redemption, is so passionate about the work she does helping women to heal and grow, that we decided to let her present it to you in her own words:

Right in the middle of the Raw and the Real—that’s where my Redemption work sits—where holiness, authenticity and growth come alive.

It’s amazing how you can know someone and not really know them. You can even know yourself and not know how great you are and the magnificence Hashem sees in you. This drives me crazy. My passion for guiding women to self-love, G-d’s love and their soul-mission are the drivers behind my work.

People come up to me and say, “You’re doing such great things. I don’t actually know what you do but it all looks really amazing.”

I used to feel frustrated by this. I understand marketing and the need to have a clear message and product, but how can you package up Hashem’s love and healing? I finally surrendered. This is what Hashem wants. Not a formula or sound bite, He wants a revolution. It’s pretty simple—Hashem wants his daughters to stand in their light and power, and He is doing everything He can to get us there.

This is the work of Geula. When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

I think Redemption programming is a magnet for women on a healing journey because they know we’re for real. We are trained and certified, but the main thing is that we have done and are doing our inner work. The Redemption Team supports women from a place of respect and honor for the journey they’re on, and we are transparent in our journey as well.

I call it a moving train. G-d is the conductor, and I am on the train in my own healing. My team is on the train. The Retreat women are on the train. The Emunah women are on the train. As the train moves, more and more people are getting on, joining the ride to freedom. Most often, what gets them on the train is a life crisis or transition. It can be something incredibly painful or incredibly exciting. Either way, Hashem picks us up and says, “It’s time to shine your light, Honey—and the only way to do that is by letting Me conduct the train of your life.”

How did I get the title “Redemption”?

I had been immersed in serious forgiveness work. Forgiveness work, if you don’t know, is the deepest work you will ever do. Man, it is grueling, and wow, is it rewarding. It’s like Pesach cleaning your heart, opening up every drawer to see what beliefs lie there. Then it’s filling garbage bags of untrue paradigms. Then bathing yourself in layers of willingness to open up.

After all that work, you are rewarded beyond measure. You receive a fresh pair of eyes to see that what hurt you actually built you. You receive an expanded awareness of how we are all connected to help each other growth. You develop the capacity to bless those who hurt you. It’s the ultimate letting go—and the beginning of any real spiritual work. It leads you right to Hashem and to Life with a capital L.

There’s a forgiveness model that I use that takes people layer by layer into their story and deconstructs it to reveal the truth of their soul’s greatness and the healing message that they were meant to receive in the pain. Just recently, I coached a woman who had sat with the pain of a broken relationship for 8 years. After just a few sessions, the pain dissolved. In fact, the whole topic disappeared, and it amazed her that she had held onto it for so long.

That’s how it is with energy. Unless you release it, it spins around within you, sapping your vitality and covering your heart. This is the root of Sinas Chinam (baseless hatred). We have to do our work or everyone suffers. When you do this work internally, you change everything in your life, and you create healing for the world.

So as I was saying, I was having so many breakthroughs that I desperately wanted to bring this healing to more people. I needed a name for a Retreat. I took a Facebook poll of a few names and no one chose The Forgiveness Retreat. Apparently, forgiveness is pretty unpopular—or at least, daunting.

The Redemption Retreat was the other choice, so I went with that. I didn’t know that it was completely prophetic. I would continue to grow in my understanding of what Geula/Redemption is for the next few years.

As I see it, Redemption work is based on the belief that Hashem is the Author of the story that is your life. In this story, you are the hero and everything that is in your life is designed lovingly for you, in order to bring out your soul’s magnificence. You are on a hero’s journey!

Just as in our global Golus/Exile, we feel trapped and limited by our circumstances, so too in our personal lives. We feel trapped and limited by the internal and external limitations. There is so much we want to do! So much we want to be!

There is a wellspring of love and goodness inside of us! Whether or not we are aware of it, we long for Geula! We long to release the full power of our holy, loving, powerful neshama and to live in full alignment with Hashem.

Hashem, in his loving-kindness, wants this EVEN MORE THAN US.

Redemption is a healing journey from victim to transcendence. From Golus to Geula. It’s a compassionate, holistic adventure of transformation in which your pain and limitations are revealed and experienced as the Divine road home to your purpose.

This model is the lens through which all Redemption work takes place. From leadership and business coaching to trauma work—and everything in between. We are always looking towards the great plan that Hashem has in mind for you.

We don’t see the Retreats as an end. We see them as a beginning. They are a massive opening for healing. The work continues way beyond the events. Some people coach with me, others coach with the women on my team.

Though Redemption work has leaders, the group plays an equally—if not more important—role in the process. Like the women who left Egypt dancing together, we do this work united and supporting one another. The power of sisterhood—both at the Retreat and after the Retreat—cannot be stressed enough.  I myself have made some of the best friends of my life through this work. We are meeting each other at a level of realness that you just can’t find in other places. I love that I need that. We all do.

Things are moving fast. It makes perfect sense though. We are so close to Redemption—the Ultimate Redemption. Everything is in a hurry. Everyone is hungry, wisdom is everywhere, healing is NOW. The pre-messianic woman is different. We’re still learning what to do with all this wisdom, power and opportunity. Our marriages don’t have the same rules as our parents’ did, and our selfhood has evolved.  It’s a brave new world, and Hashem is showing us the way—bit by bit.

A lot of my thoughts and my work center around woman’s work. Healing around the topics of marriage, intimacy, personal power and femininity is so critical. It’s at the heart of all of the other work. Reclaiming our womanhood means first understanding it—all of it. At our Retreats, we’ll bring up these topics and give the women experiences and resources that will connect them to their body, to self-care, to dance, to creativity and to sensuality—all as part of becoming whole.

You can’t leave these things out, or you never get to the core of our identity and strength. Everything else is just the wrapper.

There’s this idea that the women in Mitzrayim would tease their husbands as they looked in the mirror with them, saying, “Aren’t I beautiful?” They did this to wake up their men, who were suffering and half-dead.

In her book Circle, Arrow, Spiral, Miriam Kosman writes that the biggest part of their actions was that they allowed themselves to be vulnerable. To ask another to assess your beauty is to expose yourself to judgment. She writes, “No woman wants to be vulnerable to a weak man.” But they were in a Catch 22. Because what brings out a man’s masculinity is a woman. The women brought Geula (Redemption) because they were willing to be vulnerable, and they understood feminine power.

As we work to bring the Ultimate Geula, we need to know these things. We need to heal from years of subjugation and disrespect of women and from the feminism that stripped us of our intuitive being. We are learning these things now.

That’s why I love coaching leaders. I see them being pulled into a man’s world, and I encourage them to start rising into their feminine strength—the place where Emunah, vulnerability and connection create worlds.

  Right now, you can access Redemption work in three ways:

1.      We run training events that certify women in coaching and transformation communication. These techniques change every relationship you have. Whether or not you are coach, learning these practical skills opens up worlds of communication and connection. I especially recommend this for anyone in a helping field. You want to affect people? You need this.

*I also coach women one on one—you can find out more on my site

2.      Healing Retreats and workshops.  These retreats blast through years of story and clear the way for the true you to emerge. They pave the way for enormous change in your life. We have seen miracles every single time.  In fact, people come back again and again because their life keeps getting better.  The Healing Retreats use multiple modalities—everything from coaching to role play to art and movement, in order to give each woman a breakthrough experience. It is breathtaking, exquisite work! The atmosphere is rich with G-d energy and rejuvenation!

For women who have experienced childhood trauma, we run an Inner Child Intensive. This is a 3½ day, unparalleled healing experience where you tell your story from the beginning and hold, heal and parent your inner child.

3.      Find me online or bring me out to your community. My YouTube is a fascinating and incredible place to watch all of humanity coming together. The whole world is hungry for Emunah. I have been traveling and speaking, and I am so grateful for this work.

I’m endlessly grateful to be in this space and to be carrying this message. It is all Hashem, and the fact that He is allowing me to be a messenger is something that I don’t deserve. I am grateful for the trust of the women who come, and I am grateful for the beautiful friends I’ve made in this process. Most of all, I’m grateful to be alive.

For the next 2 days, ALL Redemption Retreats are half off! I can’t wait for you to join us! Discover who you are meant to be. Visit for details!

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