In The Spotlight…with Terri B. Kalker/Ticket Defenders


It’s a Tuesday afternoon, and after a long day of work, followed by carpool and a rushed dinner, you are now hurrying to drop your son off at his baseball practice. As you glance at the clock and back out at the rush hour traffic, you step on the gas, attempting make up for lost time. You speed up, thinking about how much you have to cram in this evening, when all of a sudden you see a flash, and you realize you’ve just been caught by a traffic camera. Great, another speeding ticket! Oh well, you will just have to send in the money like you did last time. After all, it’s just a fine, right?

WRONG! You may feel like you don’t have the time or patience to deal with speeding tickets, and you may also think it doesn’t really make a difference anyway since it doesn’t put points on your licence. But Terri Kalker, a New York City Traffic Ticket Attorney, counsels otherwise. She explains that it is usually a huge mistake to pay a traffic fine and then move on, as paying the fine admits your guilt and causes insurance premiums to rise—even when there are no points added to your record. And certain traffic tickets, even minor infractions, do put points on your record, which could very easily cause your license to be suspended in the future. Some violations even have the penalty of jail time.

Terri and her highly skilled team work hard to keep their clients’ records clean. She will often counsel people not to take a plea bargain for their traffic violations, but to go to court and fight to completely clear their record of points. So many new traffic laws have been passed in the last few years—like talking on a cell phone while driving—which add points to a person’s license. Each point one gains not only tarnishes his or her driving record, but also significantly increases insurance rates. Hiring Terri’s team to fight for you could save a lot of anguish and money in the future.

Terri trained under her grandfather after she finished law school, eventually taking the reins and starting her own practice. She has spent the last few decades building it up to be the thriving law office it is today. She takes her work very seriously, always making sure her clients get the full attention they need, and bringing in many more greatly experienced attorneys to keep the volume high and the fees low. Customer service and maintaining reasonable fees is extremely important to Terri and her team, as it reminds Terri to constantly remember her roots—working with the “small guys”, like taxi drivers, who were her very first clients.

Affordable attorneys who are really familiar with the process and are properly equipped to handle these types of cases are very hard to find in New York where Terri practices. Her office is one of the most highly rated in her field in New York City, and she takes clients across the whole state of New York—some of which are her grandfather’s original clients! Terri tries hard to emulate her grandfather’s honesty and integrity, and she follows in his footsteps when giving advice to her clients.

Often, a client does not even need to go into the office, as Terri and her team can work with him or her over the phone or through email. She also offers a free case consultation and will sit with you until all your questions are answered. To find out more information on the services provided by The Law Office of Terri B Kalker or to discuss your free consultation, you can visit her website at, email, or call 718-793-1900.


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