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Photos by Dina Brookmyer

“Wow!” I breathed as I opened up the packaging of my new Mindful Moments planner by the Meaningful Moments Company. “This is gorgeous.” Even my son thought so! I love when practical items are decorated in a pretty way which makes me feel good using them. Function and elegance all wrapped up in one!

But it is more than just beautiful. It is thoughtful.

This is no ordinary planner. It is more than just to-do lists and menus (although of course those are in it too!). As its name suggests, this planner is meant to make you mindful of every moment of your day. It includes pathways to inner growth, including Torah insights, pages for self-reflection, different categories of goals, and pages to mull over all the things in our lives we should have gratitude to Hashem for. Even the to-do lists are labeled as “Moments”, to help us really think about what we are doing and accomplishing. And I love the extra sections at the beginning of Elul, which really help you take stock of where you want to focus your energies in the upcoming year.

It was designed very intuitively. Each week has an overview page with Shabbos menus, daily habits and an overall focus. Each day has enough space to list everything you could possibly need to do, including a box for evening “moments” and three main goals. And I like how there is space for each separate day, but you can also see the whole week laid out together. There is even a space to write down Shabbos events (something which I have noticed other planners don’t always leave space for). It even comes with stickers for common things someone may need to mark, like “Important” or “Vacation” or an exercise icon.

I cannot wait to crack this planner open for the new school year (which, as a homeschooler who is suffering through this shut-down, I am starting early!).

You can get YOUR Mindful Moments planner at www.meaningfulmomentscompany.com. And check out all of the Meaningful Moments Company’s great products for more mindful living on Facebook and Instagram.

Note: Although Rochel was given free product to review, all opinions are her own.

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