Chanabana is a modest women’s performance-wear company, created to “empower religious women to exercise without compromising on modesty”. Its founder, Chana Rachel Weinberg, is a big advocate of women taking care of themselves and their bodies, and as she herself began to dress more modestly, she saw the disconnect between the two areas. So she set out to develop her line of tznius sportswear and swimwear that makes women feel comfortable and beautiful, and encourages them to “push forward” in their health and self-care journeys.

Her line features light-weight fabric at numerous lengths, so women can choose what makes them feel comfortable. It comes in basic solids for sports and exercise or elegant floral patterns for a more tropical, vacation-like feel—perfect for the beach! You can get these stunning matching designs as skirts, shirts, dresses, or head coverings.

 Or a night out on the town… Chanabana sent me the new Melissa Dress, which is the perfect transition from a day at the pool to evening-wear. I love how the floral pattern transported me to a sunny summer day, and yet, it was so easy to dress up into a date-night outfit! It was flattering, soft, and a great material for swimming. This dress, like many of their Sport Elegant line, is so multi-functional—the possibilities are endless!

Chanabana ships worldwide and has a great selection of sizes, including some of the larger sizes that are not very easily found in this market.

Chanabana’s clothing line—and Chana Rachel’s inspiring blog—can be found on her website: You can also find her on Instagram @chanabana and Facebook.

Note: Although Rochel was given free product to review, all opinions are her own.

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Photos by Yehudis Taffel