“BEYOND A BITE: Activities for a Mindful Mealtime” Book and “Save My Sanity! Nutritional Confidence for Busy Parents” Course by Yaffi Lvova, RDN

Photos by Dina Brookmyer

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Yaffi Lvova is what I like to call a Nutritionist Extraordinaire. Every time I speak with her or read her articles, I am impressed all over again at how much she knows and how good of a teacher she is. She is excellent at explaining what proper nutrition should look like for us and for our families versus what the outside world is telling us it should look like (or what WE should look like) in a clear and practical way, and her tips are always super helpful.

And now, she’s brought her ideas to life in her new book, Beyond a Bite, as well as her full online course, Save My Sanity! Nutritional Confidence for Busy Parents.

Her book focuses on ways to make the mealtime experience enjoyable for kids through mindfulness. She gives tips for dialogue and activities which will challenge the way we think about mealtime and the way we feed our children and help us give them a more positive sensory and play experience with food. Yaffi’s book makes mealtime fun again!

Her program shows us a way to reframe our mindsets when it comes to nutrition and healthy eating in small, organized, and efficient lessons which include both reading material and helpful videos. Through her course, Yaffi helps us discover a new way of feeding our families which is much more focused on overall balance and realistic goals for our busy lifestyles. She helps us to understand a more positive approach to how we eat, and how to leave the guilt that society throws at us behind. She not only gives us great mealtime tips and recipes, but changes our overall approach and attitude toward cooking, feeding, and eating. Yaffi has turned the stress of nutrition for our families into an overall positive experience.

Yaffi’s book can be found on Amazon in hard copy for $14.99 or on Kindle for $9.99, and her course is available for $25/family on her website, babybloomnutrition.com. You can also find her on Instagram @toddler.testkitchen or on Facebook as Baby Bloom Nutrition and Toddler Test Kitchen AZ.

*Note: Although Rochel was given free product to review, all opinions are her own.

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