What Kind of Mom Are You? (A Ditty)


Are you a MESSY Mom?

Never do laundry on time

Are there pots everywhere?

And noodles in your hair?

Is there a mess all over the floor?

Kids can’t find the door

Are you a MESSY Mom?

Are you a SERIOUS Mom?

Do you lecture all the time?

Do you know wrong from right?

Never let your kids out of sight

Do your kids only have structured play?

And do their homework right away

Are you a SERIOUS Mom?

Are you a SPIRITUAL Mom?

Do you daven all the time?

Tehillim in your hand

On water or on land

Are your kids tzaddikim?

Loshon hora never speakin?

Are you a SPIRITUAL Mom?

Are you a FUNNY Mom?

Do you laugh all the time?

Do you make jokes all day?

And never work only play?

Are your kids comedians?

Asking for jokes again and again

Are you a FUNNY mom?

Are you a KVETCHY mom?

Complaining all the time

No one ever does it right

Whining all night

Kids screeching, “it’s not fair”

They fight everywhere

Are you a KVETCHY mom?

There’s no such thing as a perfect Mom

Who always gets it right and never starts a fight

We all have days when we kvetch, days when we’re a mess

Spiritual days, and times we’re in a daze

Days full of laughter and days when we’re blue

But the key is to know that through and through

You’re a wonderful Mom just because you’re you

Whether it’s a good day, bad day, hard day, sad day,

Just keep on going, growing, trying, crying, praying, playing, learning, yearning,

Because you’re a wonderful Mom!

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Rachel Horan founder of “Rhyme & Reason Parenting”, is a parenting life coach, specializing in helping parents implement positive behavior management techniques with their children, and in supporting parents whose children are undergoing challenges. Her life’s mission is to show mothers how they can parent from a place of strength and positivity. She coaches mothers one-on-one and has developed a unique and transformative curriculum for teaching parents the skills to make their parenting experience enjoyable. Rachel is a certified ICF life coach, a licensed Hydro-Therapist, holds a B.A. in Statistics from Rutgers University, and is a wife and mother of several energetic children.