Fall Back into Normal


With September just around the corner (yes…the summer is almost over. If you’ve just realized it now, I am so sorry to be the one to break the news), you may be getting ready for school, work or the chagim (eeek!).

Some of us have been working from home, where Zoom meetings have become the new “water cooler”, but are now preparing for in-person working, where pants are no longer optional. Those of us who have been steadily going into the workplace with our mask and hand sanitizer may be preparing for an increase in hours. Many parents are helping transition their kids back into the classroom.

Whatever you are “falling back into”, it is imperative you do it with grace and confidence. Here are a few tips to get you ready to take the plunge:


Your mind and body may be used to rolling out of bed at 8:50 am and logging in to your computer—still in your pajamas—right at 9:00 am. With only a couple weeks to spare, it’s important you pre-train yourself now! Get the whole family involved! Wake up at your pre-isolation time, get dressed, and log in at a proper desk or table. And get to bed at a decent hour. If you start this now, come your first day, you will feel refreshed, excited and on track.

Dress Up

These last few months have not been kind. Some of us (myself included) have found it a real challenge to maintain their physical health on top of everything else. You may go back to your closet to swap out those sweatpants for a suit and find that things don’t fit the same as they once did—and that is okay! People change, and bodies change, and the best thing you can do is embrace it as “what is” and not focus on “what was”. Go through your closet, see what works, and consider either donating what does not (always appreciated!) or storing items away for the future. Having clothes that no longer fit in your direct view will only make you feel negative.

Remind yourself that whatever size you are is beautiful, that your body can and will always change and that it’s what’s inside that makes you truly stunning…..and shopping for a new wardrobe always helps!


This is a scary time for everyone. It’s okay to not be okay. Be kind to yourself, and do a daily check-in. Realize when fears are rational and when they are irrational. Ask for support when you need it, and be supportive to those around you. So many of us just need someone to listen. So, pay attention to your mind and body and how it is feeling, and check in on your family, friends and colleagues. Exercising, eating well, sleeping, being in nature, reading, journaling and listening to calming sounds and music are all great ways to relax and stay grounded.


You can learn something new every day. Make today that day. Pick up that canvas and paintbrush, and tune into a guided art program, or sign up for that karate class you have always wanted to take. New skills keep our minds sharp and can also boost our resumes. Setting goals gives us the purpose we need to move forward and achieve. In times like these, it’s important to have that extra push to progress each day!


Celebrate those around you, what you have in your life and who you are.
Starting off your day with gratitude and appreciation will set you up for a day-long celebration of life. You are here, you are awesome, and you deserve it!!

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Michelle Devorah Kahn currently resides with her husband in Manuel in Ottawa, Ontario, the capital of Canada. While Michelle thoroughly enjoys writing, filmmaking is her true passion. With a special interest in documentary filmmaking and human-interest stories, Michelle has produced documentaries on female refugees, immigration challenges, human rights issues and mental health. Michelle is also a professor of visual storytelling for social media and holds her B.A. Hons in film studies and a certificate in social media marketing. She is often contacted by small businesses and organizations to do social media training and consulting all across Canada.


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