Painting by Renana Termechi

Caressing a sacred stone of warm golden glow

pulse racing to the rhythm of swaying men in prayer shawls

Cheeks resting on the cracks and crevices

where troubles lie stuffed between the weeds

In the crispy air sullied notes dance to the heavens

Strolling through buzzing streets where diversity

spills out of every shop

and students blow laughter through plastic straws

 into ice-coffee froth

A ball of sunshine blasts on faded strollers

and seeps into empty blackened palms

and the laundry flutters

in a defiant breeze

that sweeps little pebbles

and dirt

through an alleyway

where automobiles

and humans

share a space

And feral creatures


between the

blackened legs

of shop owners


selling ancient wares

to foreign tourists

trying to devour

a taste

of heaven


running on

cracked pavements

chipped teeth

honey braids

scruffy slacks

empty pockets

jingling imaginary coins

that fill little hearts

with hope

And happiness lies in the inexplicable air

in poverty ridden streets

it drips through the leaking faucets

and lights up homes shrouded in darkness

It rests on the broken cobblestone path

where starving homeless tarry

and rides on overcrowded busses

amidst the stench of sweat

My longing flows through the rusty pipes

under the peeling paint

on a staircase with missing steps

where the air blows in

through the pores in walls

and fills my hollow chest

with purpose



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